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Todd Dildine

Senior Minister

Todd is the new Senior Minister at University Parkway Church of Christ. He's a 2009 graduate of Pepperdine University and is currently working on his Doctorate in Ministry at Abilene Christian University.  Todd has been doing urban ministry for over 10 years and lives in Waverly with his lovely wife Alex, large great dane, two cats, and 13 chickens.

Tel: 559-824-5939

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Rick Adsit


Rick graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Agriculture and received his Masters in Ministry & Evangelism from Abilene  Christian University.  He serves tirelessly as Senior Pastor at the University Parkway Church of Christ since 1986.  He and his wife Patsy have been married for 45 years and have two children and three grandchildren. 

Tel: 717-609-7017

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Sean Andrews


David Mitchell.jpg

David Mitchell

Men’s Ministry Director

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Sam Burt

Youth Ministry Director

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